Previous Work Notes

While we can't list out every project we've ever done, both because of Non-Disclosure Agreements and because this page would be way too long, we have provided a few examples of multiple industries. If you'd like additional information about previous projects, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

 Other Recent Projects

Here are some other projects we've recently worked on:

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TeleNet Marketing

TeleNet is an international leader in developing effective demand generation, lead generation, and lead nurturing strategies that drive revenue for some of the world’s most profitable Fortune 50 organizations.

Canon Education

Canon is the world's largest and most prestigious camera manufacturer. We were contracted to build the E-Commerce interface for the largest distributor that Canon has in their education vertical market.

B&H Towing

B&H Towing is a towing and wrecker business that had been acquired by a new owner. That owner contracted System X Designs to rebuild the site and optimize it for search engines. now they're having no trouble staying busy as more and more customers find them online!

Regal Collection Corp

We were contracted by Regal Collection Corp. to implement an e-commerce solution and to assist with SEO. We also implemented some data protection strategies to ensure that their information is always backed up and secure.

Race Against Violence

The Rockdale County Task Force Against Family Violence needed a way to streamline their most effective fundraiser. Having worked with them for a decade, they reached out to us to see what we could do for them.

Maytronics US, Inc.

We have worked with Maytronics US for a number of years, assisting them with web-development, marketing initiatives, rewards programs, mobile applications, and much more.

Inter-Fab, Inc.

Inter-Fab Inc. is a leading Slide, Rail, and Furniture manufacturer in the pool industry. We have an ongoing contract with Inter-Fab and consider them to be truly a partner company as opposed to just a client. We're confident they'd say the same about us!

Custom Pits and Fabrication

Custom Pits & Fabrication needed a way to sell their bad-ass Custom Pits to clients all over the country. Their previous system didn't allow for inventory tracking, add-on products, coupons, etc. Now they're all set!

Lydia's Place

Lydia's Place is a non-profit organization that works primarily with college aged students who come from the Foster Care systems. They needed a way to be able to serve the students through an online presence.

JRC Connect

JRC Connect is a leading provider of computer equipment, servers, hard drives, memory, and other similar items. This project was huge, containing more than 470,000 different products.

Carlson Orthopedic

We were able to help them develop a professional site that would convey the right message to their perspective patients as well as to boost their rankings through white-hat, organic Search Engine Optimization services.

Rockdale Aware

Rockdale Aware is the interactive site for the Rockdale County Task Force Against Family Violence. We were contracted to develop a site which would enable them communicate with battered women, and provide valuable information to the public regarding family violence.

Gourmet Foods Intl

Gourmet Foods International is a large foods distributor whose annual revenue tops $250M. They contracted us to build a site on their internal server environments that they could then edit, maintain, grow, and change.

Crisis Application Group

Crisis Application Group is a civilian training organization founded by Green Berets. They are a membership based group who needed a way to sell products to their members, allow member dues to be paid online, and more.

Terrapin Beer Co.

Terrapin Beer Company is one of the fastest growing beer brands in America. They contracted us to build and maintain their customer facing mobile app to help keep customers in the loop with all of their changes!

Nimble [IS]

Nimble [IS] is a systems integrator in the Fast Casual Dining Industry. While many of the projects that we have completed with them are under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we are happy to say that we have an ongoing relationship with them.

ProFab Customs

ProFab Custom Fabricators specializes in the custom fabrication of metal for architectural projects. They contracted us to build their site where they could showcase the images and specifications for their projects that they have completed throughout the country.

Rage Tactical

Rage Tactical is an online industry leader in tactical equipment sales. Their site incorporates thousands of products and is a complete e-commerce with order notifications, inventory, discounts, fulfillment, etc.


Coxen and Worthington Law, LLC is a law firm that understands the need of having a powerful online presence. They contracted us to assist them in building a site that would showcase their skill sets and drive customers to their law firm.

We ReThink

We ReThink is a partnership of dynamic motivational speakers and leadership/corporate trainers based that contracted us to develop their site to allow them to schedule training and speaking engagements, provide ongoing search engine optimization strategies, and more.

Shots Fired Range

System X Designs was contracted to design their logo and marketing materials, develop their site, and provide ongoing data service and search engine optimization strategies for Shots Fired. Click the image for information on this project.

Alabama APCO

Alabama's chapter of APCO contracted System X Designs to build a site where they could regularly communicate with their chapter members as well as promote events that they host and attend.

Pawn Pro

We were contracted to provide logo design, site development, online and social media marketing, SEO, and data protection services. We have ranked them as the number one spot on Google for pawn shops in both of the cities that they have locations in!

Precision Auto

Precision Auto Sales is a automobile dealer lot. They contracted us to develop a system that would allow them to keep a steady rotation of automobiles on their site as they came through the lot as well as Local SEO to help attract new customers.

Inter-Fab, Inc.

Inter-Fab Inc.

We have an ongoing contract with Inter-Fab, Inc. to perform a range of services with their web development with both customer facing as well as inter-departmental aspects of their sites.
Elite Dealer Site Thumb

Maytronics US.

We have worked with Maytronics US for a number of years, assisting them with web-development, marketing initiatives, rewards programs, mobile applications, and much more.
SED International

SED International

We had the pleasure of rebuilding the website, intranet, and internal processes for SED International- an electronics distributor who's yearly revenue exceeded $300M with more than 200 employees in 3 countries.
AFI (Custom)

Gourmet Foods International

We had the pleasure of rebuilding the website for Atlanta Foods International, a specialty food distributor who's yearly revenue exceeds $200M with more than 220 employees.
Rockdale (Custom)

State Judge Nancy Bills, Rockdale Aware

State Judge Nancy Bills is the chair of the Rockdale County Task Force Against Family Violence. Their site, Rockdale Aware, is built and maintained by System X Designs.
Crisis Application Group

Crisis Application Group

Reference Letter Coming Soon.
PawnProAthens (Custom)

Pawn Pro, Inc.

Pawn Pro, Inc. has two locations: one in Athens, Georgia and the other in Covington, Georgia. System X Designs was contracted to build a website for both locations with a specific focus on Search Engine Optimization.

Quality Recording Solutions

Quality Recording Solutions is an industry leader in providing recording equipment and solutions to 911 systems and other telecommunications customers.
South River Gun Club

South River Gun Club

We were able to revamp the website for South River Gun Club and help them enhance their payment options as well as increase attendance at events with an improved calendar and communication system.

Annsbrooke Swim & Tennis Club, Inc.

Annsbrooke Swim and Tennis Club is a Home Owners Association with 110 homes. We were able to help them communicate within their organization through the use of online request and approval forms and data protection services.
AMSOIL (Custom)

Synthetic Lubricants of GA

We were able to reach this small local business achieve their goals through affiliate marketing strategies, search engine optimization, data protection services, and a mobile friendly online presence.
CW Law (Custom)

Law Offices of Coxen and Worthington

The Law Offices of Coxen and Worthington is located in Covington, Georgia. We designed and developed their site in late 2010 and early 2011.
TaylorMadeGrill (Custom)

TaylorMade Grill

TaylorMade Grill is an excellent restaurant in Macon, Georgia. Highly recommended for anyone in central Georgia!
WeRethink (Custom)

We ReThink

Reflect 3 is a company that specializes in motivational videos and professional speakers for businesses and non-profit organizations. We designed and built their site as well as provide them with their professional printing needs.
CreeksideAir (Custom)

Creekside Air

Creekside Air is a Heating/Air Conditioning company that operates in Georgia and Alabama.


More References Available Upon Request.