Inter-Fab Inc. is a leading Slide, Rail, and Furniture manufacturer in the pool industry.

System X Designs was fortunate enough to be invited to a bidding session for a very large project for Inter-Fab, Inc. They had prepared a budget, technical requirements, and an outline of events that wanted to happen within a specific time frame. Immediately, we went to work on their technical requirements to see how we could help them solve their problems. One of their key requirements was that the new enterprise site be built in a specific Content Management System, one with which we are very familiar. However, having worked with this CMS numerous times- we were able to share our concerns with placing a large, enterprise website that would scale in growth and capabilities in the future into a CMS that wasn't designed to handle such a large scope. We showed them some other options and made a recommendation of a different CMS that would certainly be able to handle their project more efficiently and securely.

Once the project was underway we worked hand-in-hand with their sales, marketing, and operations teams to be able to drive their project to completion, arriving both ahead of schedule and below budget. We redefined some of the process workflows that they currently had in place and automated much of the flow of information to the correct departments and personnel. We combined the databases and capabilities from three separate systems and rolled them into the primary website so that all of their administrative tasks were handled in one centralized location. We then trained their staff how to perform the tasks that they were responsible for in a series of webinars and documentation.

We also developed a mobile application which would allow both outside sales/marketing team members and their network of dealers and distributors to communicate directly with the inside sales team. This reduced the amount of re-work that stemmed from the all-too-common problem of companies using email for project management. By putting core processes in place, it allowed them to scale their efforts as a whole and accomplish more work with the same amount of people, freeing up some of their time to work on other marketing initiatives.

We continue to work with Inter-Fab, Inc. and value our partnership dearly. They're a great group of people who are experts in their perspective fields, and we look forward to whatever challenging projects they can bring us in the future.

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