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Terrapin 2System X Designs worked with Terrapin Brewery to understand how they could enhance their marketing initiatives regarding the end-users of their craft beer. Through multiple working sessions we came to understand some goals that they wanting to achieve with the mobile and online marketing efforts, and we talked about some of the options that they could utilize in order to reach those goals.

The ideas that game about during these working sessions were feasible and readily attainable for the marketing team once developed in the app. For instance, one key initiative was to increase the number of tours that people went on inside their facility. To help reach this goal we developed a rewards/loyalty program that would allow users to get a "stamp" in the app each time they went on a tour. After a certain number of tours, they would be receive discounts on merchandise within their retail store. Because the app requires a code that only the employees know and after instituting an 18 hour check-in period (users can't check-in more than once in 18 hours to prevent program abuse), the program really ran itself and was "self-policing" in its implementation. 

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MTUS Hold handWe have worked with Maytronics US for a number of years, assisting them with web-development, marketing initiatives, rewards programs, mobile applications, and much more. We have developed a complete Dealer Rewards program which spawned across their network of more than 1,200 dealers throughout the USA and Canada. We helped improve their business processes both internal and external to their organization through a series of data collection techniques which streamline the way that the people outside the office communicate with the people inside the office.

As they continued to grow, we approached them about an idea that we thought would streamline their business even more. We developed two mobile applications for them, one for their employees only and one for their dealer network from all over the country to use. Now, making requests from the field for either dealers or employees is simple and the information goes directly to the person responsible for processing the request.

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Catch 22 Gastropub Mobile AppLet it be known that Catch 22 Gastropub was the first restaurant in Athens, Georgia with a native mobile application for both Android and iOS devices! Their app serves as a staple of their marketing to make customers come back on a regular basis. At Catch 22, they know that their marketing dollars and efforts go 7x further when directed on growing existing customers as opposed to targeting new customers.

Their loyalty program offers multiple incentive levels as follows:

  • 5 restaurant visits = Free Appetizer or Dessert
  • 10 restaurant visits = 15% off total tab
  • 20 restaurant visits = 30% off total tab

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