JRC Connect is a leading provider of computer equipment, servers, hard drives, memory, and other similar items. This project was huge, containing more than 470,000 different products.

Inventory and pricing are updated twice per day across multiple distributors. Search Engine Optimization procedures are a part of the packaged services along with data protection services. We have integrated with a third party content provider to automatically import the products from multiple distributors, sync the products with the appropriate content from the content provider, and update inventory daily. We have configurable pricing structures allowing the client to set a global pricing markup or they can choose a specialized markup per manufacturer. They can create custom discounts and coupons, categorical pricing strategies, and various payment/shipping methods. This site contains attribute filtering on hundreds of attributes as well as an "in-stock" indicator. On the back end of this site, the client can generate sales reports in multiple formats to generate a true look at their daily/monthly/quarterly/annual sales figures.

We have an ongoing partnership with this client and continue to provide updates and enhancements to their site on a continuous basis.

JRC Connect