How important is location to a physical business?
Vitally important.

You can have the best business in your industry, but if no one knows about you, they simply can't do business with you. What location is to retail business, Search Engine Placement is to your website. It's arguably the most important aspect of your site because it is often times the determining factor of whether or not your customers will find you.

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So how is Search Engine Optimization accomplished? Well the answer isn't as simple as a 1-2-3 process and it the process itself is constantly evolving. Basically, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines will "crawl" or "spider" your site. During this process, it will collect information and content so that it can piece together your relevancy to any given search. For instance, let's assume you own a roofing company. Someone searches for "leaking roof" and you should appear. However, that's different than if someone is searching for information on the medical condition of "shingles" and would yield some very different results!


So how does anyone ever get a grasp on Search Engine Optimization? Well, to a novice user, you might not ever get a real grasp on the topic. Many companies pay teams of people for full-time work in this particular field. However, System X Designs does offer this service as a scalable solution for your business.

The way we do that is to measure your sites search placement compared to that of your competitors on any given search term. You will provide us with a list of search terms that you would like to be a result for, a list of your competitors, and obviously a description of your company's products/services- and we will do the rest. We believe in measurable results, so we will track and adapt your site to most effectively optimize it for the search engines.

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