Do you have a digital ad agency or online marketing group and would love to expand the services that you offer your clients?

Want to be able to  scale your business but don't want to bring on additional staff to keep up with the work load?

We Can Help!

Introducing our White Label services where we work for you! We are experts in Search Engine Optimization, web/app development, and process optimization. We can handle projects of any size and level of complexity, ranging from small, privately owned businesses to large corporations. Have a client you're trying to land but are hesitant about the complexities of the project? No problem. Want to proven, effective SEO services to allow your clients to dominate the search rankings? We got that, too. You handle the client, the billing, the conversation- and we'll handle the technical work.

How does it work?

There are a couple of different ways that we can become an extension of your business. Let's take a look at which methods might work best for you!

White Label Program

With this option you are in complete control. Here we will basically act as a sub-contractor to your business. We will only interface with you, and you will interact with the client. We will invoice you, you will invoice the client. You will receive extremely competitive rates to ensure that you make as much profit as possible, and then you can charge the client whatever you'd like for the services. The "branding" on the website and services rendered will be for your company as we will be completely hidden from your client. For all they know, you have a large team of tech-giants who deliver great results. This option requires more interaction on your part (as you will be dealing with the client), but the ability to couple our services with yours and invoice however much you like will provide the following options for your team:

  • Make More Money!
    • You receive a low rate on all services, and then you take it to the client with however much markup you'd like to add.
  • Take on More Projects!
    • Use us as your technical team to scale your business and take on more projects that you can currently handle, without the added expense of additional employees!
  • Package Services for Larger Deals!
    • Are you good at creative work but struggle with some of the technical aspects of SEO? Want to be able to offer a full suite of services but not sure how you'd get the work done? This is the answer for you. You outsource whichever pieces you'd like to us, and you take the other pieces for yourself. Basically it allows you to work on whatever you like to do and whatever you're good at, while not losing the deal with the client because you can't offer some of the other pieces.
  • Trusted Source for Products and Services!
    • We are an American based team. We live in Athens, Georgia. If you call us, you'll talk to a native English speaker who can truly understand every aspect of the project at hand. 

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Affiliate Program

With this option, you introduce us as your "technology partner" to your client. We'll handle it from there... We will take care of the project scope of work, the bidding process, the negotiations, the billing, etc. All you have to do is collect the 20% of everything we sell that client simply for introducing us. It's really that easy... Just introduce us and collect the payments!

  • Truly a "Hands-Off" Solution!
    • Make money by introducing us to your clients without worrying about controlling the relationship.
  • Repeatable, Scalable Results!
    • Are you good at sales or have a large network of clients, but don't like having to implement each step of the process? This is the option for you! This is much more of a "churn and burn" system where you introduce us to clients who need our services and you collect a "finder's fee" for any business they do with us.
  • Easy to Implement!
    • No need for you to have systems and processes in place to handle invoicing, technical support, customer onboarding, etc. We have all that in place and will take care of all of it for you. Just focus on bringing us another client and collecting more money!
  • Trusted Source for Products and Services!
    • We are an American based team. We live in Athens, Georgia. If you call us, you'll talk to a native English speaker who can truly understand every aspect of the project at hand.

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