System X Designs has a team of people that bring a very strong background of web development to your business. We are familiar with the needs of large companies, as we have worked in those environments extensively. We have worked in the large scale e-commerce applications overseeing the monthly revenue of more than $10M, and we have developed the new customer acquisition processes that streamlined the customer application across multiple departments. We have worked extensively with large companies to optimize their hosted server environments, provide additional web security protocols, and assist in the prevention of data loss and development of disaster recovery contingencies. We have written capital expense requests for large scale equipment needs as well as worked within the budget constraints that are sometimes a "make or break deal" for other companies. In short, we are fully equipped and prepared to work within the unique constraints of your large company's situation, and will act as a true partnering consultant to help you achieve your goals. Please Read More below regarding some of our experience with large business projects.


  • VP of Business Optimization
    • Responsible for developing and optimizing processes within a large manufacturing company through the use of software and online resources
    • Develop Mobile strategies and customer facing technologies which streamline the ability for customers to do business with our organization
  • Chief Intelligence Officer
    • Oversaw team of IT staff ranging from Systems Administrators to Software Developers
    • Oversaw the databases and server environments
    • Systems Administration and Architecture
    • Development of Disaster Preparedness and Data Recovery plans
  • Director of E-Commerce
    • $600M publicly traded international company
    • Oversaw team of developers
    • Responsible for monthly revenue in excess of $10M via EDI and e-commerce systems
    • Website Revenue topped $500,000 per month
    • Develop Customer Application and new customer acquisition processes across multiple departments
    • Assist in PCI compliance measures
    • Develop security protocols to protect customer data
  • IT/Network Administrator
    • Responsible for the entire network of $40M telecommunications center
    • Large scale implementation of hardware and software applciations
  • Director of Marketing
    • Develop and implement effective launch strategies for new products
    • Development of loyalty and rewards programs to increase customer interaction and inrease annual revenue per customer
    • Planning of international corporate events
    • Tradeshow booth design/layout strategies


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