QR Code ScannerMore and more companies are taking advantage of evolving technologies to enhance their capabilities in lieu of adding additional headcount. Ranging from investments in superior software solutions that can handle the tasks of numerous employees, technology can act as an efficiency multiplier when properly utilized.

Let’s take a look at two possible scenarios where an organization invested in technology instead of bringing on additional personnel.


An electronics distributor was shipping tens of thousands of boxes every month to fulfill orders. These boxes ranged from small hard drive boxes to large refrigerator boxes and everything in between. Overall, a study showed that in one year they used hundreds of different box sizes and configurations. This placed a strain on them as they had to inventory varying sized boxes at any given time, and maintaining proper levels of inventory was both burdensome and expensive.

They decided to invest in a machine that would create boxes on the fly for each order based on package’s contents. For instance, the machine would calculate the dimensions of each line item that was to be placed in that box, and chose the best available configuration for it. It would then load raw corrugate into the machine and then cut, fold, and tape the box on an assembly line.

Implementation of this machine and process was expensive and labor-intensive, but it ultimately saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars and labor efficiency moving forward.


A product manufacturer had about a dozen sales representatives throughout the country, all of which were based 100% in the field. The support staff and warehouse for this company was based out of Atlanta, Georgia and relied heavily on streamlined communication with the people in the field for daily tasks.

To alleviate the amount of re-work that was generated by poor communications, the company invested in a company mobile app that allowed everyone in the field to generate requests quickly and easily which were directed to the appropriate parties within the office.

This streamlined the efforts on both sides and allowed the company to resolve requests on a greater scale, with more accuracy, and less back-and-forth by forcing formatting and completeness standards.


If your company or organization is experiencing growing pains and seems like each team member is constantly trying to catch up, there are likely technology solutions available which can empower workers to work more effectively and efficiently with the proper implementation. This results in greater productivity, more efficient use of dollars invested, and happier employees throughout the organization.