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Automated Lead Management System

It takes 3-10 "touches" to move your client through each step of the sales cycle.

Each touch point in the sales cycle is opportunity to move the client to the next step, or to potentially lose the deal all together. We automate these touch points so that you reduce cost and eliminate the possibility that a prospect ever slips through the cracks.

Targeting Leads

Gather Leads from YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn.

Retargeting Campaigns

Retarget people who don't buy with cheaper, more personalized ads.

Nurture Ninja

Nurture the leads through the sales cycle to scheduled appointments with interested buyers.

Features Include:

Complete CRM System

All your client information, accessible on all your devices.

2-Way Email Marketing

Less work. Improved deliverability. Better results.

Unified Messaging

A dedicated business line, text, email, and FB Messenger, in 1 feed, to stay connected

Automated Scheduling

Clients book time based on your availability, with automated, smart reminders

Pipeline Management

Dashboards to track all your sales processes, leads, and sales

Marketing Automation

Emails, texts, notifications, and other marketing actions are triggered by client action with easily configurable internal "zaps"

Get Social

Monitor what people are saying about your brand online, with automated reputation management built right in

Built In 2 Way Texting

Give the Ability of texting to your business. Now you can increase the speed of conversation all in one platform. Available on Desktop and Mobile!

Automated Sales Dialer

When a Lead comes in, you can automatically push. You can even pre-dial with a round robin sales team dialer

Voicemail Drops

Drop a Voicemail to any contact automatically using a pre-recorded message.

Appointment Manager

Manage appointments by creating automated sequences for no-shows, reminders, and more.

Advanced Analytics

Track stats such as appointment rates, campaign effectiveness, and even response rates!

What Is An Automated Lead Management System?

Our goal is to help clients increase ROI on leads, and build more engaging conversations without adding more pressure and stress by automating the process. With the flexibility and customization of the system, there is no reason we should not be able to close the gap on communication and maximize our exposure for new leads.
The Path of Automation
We aim to automate as much of the process as possible to produce predictable, repeatable results. It's our goal to maximize the efficiency of taking a stranger to a customer through a series of steps.
Why Automate?
You're busy running a business... We get it. But the lifeblood of your business are the prospects at the top of your sales funnel. We aim to automate each step in turning them from prospect to lead, to sales pitch, to customer, to positive reviews online.