"I want to be able to update my own content. Can I?"

Many of our customers do not want to have to submit change requests for their site. They want to be able to add their own content, pictures, calendar events, etc. They don't want to have ongoing costs associated with the maintenance of their site, as well as the headache caused by smaller website design companies with limited capabilities and time.

These are exactly the kind of customers that we help. In this situation, we will build and/or customize a Content Management System (CMS) for your business, and will specifically configure it to maximize your ability to maintain the site. Generally speaking, after we build the site- it's relatively easy to update and maintain it. Once the initial configurations, customization, and optimization is completed- we will turn the site over to you and train you in person how to update the content, send newsletters, run store reports, etc.

The beauty of utilizing a CMS is that the content within the website is incredibly easy to edit. To give you some idea of this, websites like eBay, Facebook, and Twitter are built on Content Management Systems. In short- if you can edit your Facebook profile, then you WILL be able to update your website.