Community/Non-Profit Organizations

We take pride in specializing in the needs of a community based site. We can build you a customized site with all of your profile fields and information completely personalized to fit the look and feel of your organization. Perfect for Church groups, Clubs, Sports Teams, Greek Organizations, Masonic Lodges, Special Interest Groups, etc. Let us show you how you can run your very own community based site similar to Facebook, Greek Invite, LinkedIn, or MySpace, and watch your site grow with popularity. Please click "Read More" for some of the features in our Community Based packages.

Some of the features of our Community Based packages are:

  • User Profiles
  • User Pictures
  • Video Galleries
  • Photo Galleries
  • Profile Comment Boards
  • Friends Lists
  • Private Messaging
  • Send Email
  • Create/Join Groups
  • Message Forums

Some of our clients that utilize Community Based websites are:

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Churches
  • Greek Letter Organizations (Fraternities, Sororities)
  • Masonic Lodges
  • Boy/Girl Scout Groups
  • Special Interest Organizations
  • Sports Teams/Leagues
  • Small Businesses

Examples of Community / Non-Profit Projects:

Rockdale (Custom)

Rockdale Aware


Alabama APCO


Annsbrooke HOA

CC (Custom)

Conservative Calling